Italian Film Fest 14 - 20 Januray 2019

Wife & Husband (M)  Monday 14 Jan 6.30pm

An exceptional comedy that shows Italian
cinema is alive and well. A disarmingly funny,
romantic comedy.

OPENING NIGHT   Aparativ from 6pm

Indivisible (M)  Tues 15 Jan 6pm

Indivisible is above all else a mood piece humming
with energy and marked by wondrous moments.
The story of eighteen year old conjoined twins
who entertain to support their family. WINNER
of Best Screenplay, Best Supporting Actress,
Best Original Score, Best Costume Design,
Best Film

A Sicilian Ghost Story (R16) Wed 16 Jan 6pm

The Mafia-enforced code of silence in Sicily is so
potent it swallows up the most innocent. Weaving
myth and reality the films takes us closer to the
tragic events of film, loosely inspired by the real
kidnapping of 12 year-old Giuseppe Di Matteo.
WINNER Best Screenplay, Best Cinematography,
Best Production Design, Official Selection Cannes

Pure Hearts (R16)  Wed 16 Jan 8.30pm

Set on the outskirts of Rome, it is the love story
of sexual attraction, abstinence and religious
perspectives with two young protagonists. The
depth and intelligence of this film has garnered the
film much attention, winning considerable critical
acclaim but also repeated Peoples Choice Award

Fortunata (M)  Thu 17 Jan 6pm

Jasmine Trinca gives a prize-winning star 
performance in Italian director, Sergio Castellitto’s 
emotionally-charged tale of blue-collar femal 
Best Actress at Cannes Un Certain Regard

Ignorance is Bliss (M)  Thurs 17 Jan 8.15pm

Two of Italy’s favourite comic pairings, Marco Giallini
and Alessandro Gassman return to entertain us. This
time as rivals in a brilliant comedy about the gift or
scourge of technology

Naples '44  Fri 18 Jan 6pm

“A year among the Italians had converted me to

such an admiration for their humanity and culture
that I realised, were I given the chance to be born
again and to choose the place of my birth, Italy
would be the country of my choice” Norman
Lewis. A film based on British Intelligence Office,
Norman Lewis’ incredible memoir during his time
in Naples after the Allied Invasion of Italy. What
emerges is absurd, funny and tragic – only reality
could be this unlikely

It's The Law (PG)   Fri 18 Jan 8pm

It’s time to elect a new mayor in the Sicilian town
of Pietrammare. The townspeople, fed up with the
unruliness and widespread corruption that have
prevailed for so long under the traditional leaders, do
something totally unheard of – they elect an honest
citizen. WINNER Best Comedy, Best Producer,
Best Original Story, Best Screenplay

Palio  (PG)  Sat 19 Jan 6pm

Documentary on the oldest horse racing event in the world, the Palio, which takes place twice a year in Siena, Italy.

It's All About Karma (PG)  Sat 19 Jan 8.30pm

Italian buddy comedy following a practicing Buddhist and his pal who believes a con-man is his dad reincarnate.

Let Yourself Go! (M) Sun 20 Jan 6pm

Rome-set, screwball comedy about an uptight psychoanalyst (Toni Servillo, The Great Beauty) whose neatly ordered world is turned upside down when he chances upon a bubbly personal trainer.

At War For Love (PG) Sun 20 Jan 8.30pm

Director Pif's prequel, of sorts, to 2013’s The Mafia Only Kills in Summer. 1943 New York, Arturo and Flora are in love, but an arrangement has been made for her to marry the son of a New York Mafia figure. The only way to stop the marriage is for Arturo to go to Sicily and ask flora's father for her hand.

Closing Night